What is known at the current time [or, 'what I have created thus far']

Gateships are now located in the following star systems>
    Alpha Centauri
    Wolf 359
    Bernard's Star
    Ross 154
    LHS 2
    GrmBrg 34

Map of the Near by solar systems

Explored Systems with named planets listed and color coded>     


 habitable resource  space station Controlled by
  Earth     Multi
  Mars     Multi
    Venus   Multi
      Ferdinand PBC
    Jupiter   Multi
      Jahangir AE
    Saturn   Multi
    Neptune   Multi
    Uranus   USA
    Pluto   USA
Alpha Centauri        
  Aeris     Multi
    Sabbat   AE
  Avignon     EC
      Surveyor One Multi
    ED Alpha   Marr'aheb
    ED Beta   Marr'aheb
    ED Prima   Marr'aheb
Wolf 359        
  Stuttgart     EC
    Dom Migel   PBC
Bernard's Star        
  Geneva     Multi
  New America     USA
    Nagaski   JG
      Yokahanna JG
Ross 154        
  Chrono     BE
LHS 2        
  Mbese     BE
  Hangzhou     CR
      kai Feng CR
Grmbrg 34        
  Icarus Prima     EC CR
    Zeno-Frodd   Marr'aheb

USA - United States of America
BE - British Empire
CR - Chinese Republic
AE - Arabian Empire
PBC - Porto Brazilian Cooperative
EC - European Coalition
JG - Japanese Imperial Government