Welcome to the rules section of Cold Fusion. 

Here are some basic things you may need:

download the Fast Play Rules from TSR

The Alternity Fast-Play Rules From the TSR website. You will need Winzip and Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document.

Download Character Sheet

This the the character sheet that we will be using the Deliverance of Faith.  If you do not have it, please download it!  Created by: Raymond Cote 

Download Character Sheet Update Page

This is the Character Sheet Update page, that is used for updates that do not require an update to the Main Character Sheet!

players handbook errata

If you own the PHB, here are the errors in the text.

Some other Info:

Current game level: Progress Level 6 - Fusion Age

House Rules:

#1 - EXP is given, instead of AP's in the game.  350 EXP = 1 AP. AP's and Level's work as normal.  You may change your EXP to AP at any time, once you have enough!  Here is an example:  You are level 1 and have 2 AP's & 0 EXP -- during a game, you receive 400 EXP -- you convert 350 of EXP to an AP -- Then you are Level 1 with 2 AP's & 50 EXP!

#2 - Level advancement -- Once you receive a new level, you will receive the amount of skill points equal to the number of AP's it took to reach that level!  You may then use these skill points as follows, you may only raise a skill after session ends or before a session starts.  The skill must have been used successfully, during the gaming session, in order to raise it.  If you are purchasing a new skill, you must find a teacher of at least skill level 5 or greater to be taught that skill.  Alternate -- if you can find a teacher of at least two levels above your current skill level, you may then raise that skill, after some training! Also, Achievement benefits start a level three, these are also only can be made, after a gaming session ends or before gaming session starts....

#3 - Player given EXP award: 150 EXP given to person who they feel that did something great in the game. i.e. Good Role Playing, Great Idea, Good Save, or for what ever reason they feel, that the person deserve it for!  It is given from the last person who received it, in the previous game!

#4 - After every game, players are required to send in, an update sheet with the following:  EXP/AP/Level/Mortal/Wound/Stun/Fatigue for their character.  If there is a major change, you need to send in an updated character sheet!  (ie Level Advancement / Skills Update / Equipment)  Failure to do so, will result in an EXP deduction in next game!

#5 - All character sheets, need to be put on the above sheet!  This is to keep the data uniform, and easier on me, the GM!  If you can not use it, you can request to use a different one, but must be approved by your GM!  

#6 - Please have all E-mail's for characters in the CF games, have in the subject line, the following info:  DoF - for Deliverance of Faith  NL - for Nightmare's Legacy (i.e. SUBJECT: DoF: Character Update ) or (i.e. SUBJECT: NL: Updated Character Sheet)

#7 - All combat is done - under my house rules...(more info later)