Persons and Groups of Power

The Galactic Senate            click to see the Galactic Senate Symbol
The all powerful Galactic Senate is a collection of all the prominent peoples in the known Galaxy. Each nation is allowed a number of seats determined by it's population, thus the larger nations hold the real power behind the Senate. The only exception to this is The Marr'aheb, who have the least population but remain one of the most influential and powerful members of the Senate. Other main members are the United States of America, The British Empire, The Chinese Republic, the European Coalition, Japan, and the Arabian Empire. 

The Marr'aheb
    This mysterious group of individuals are a very close knit and tight lipped group. Attempts have been made by others to steal, torture, or pry by any means the secrets of this group's ability to fold space. All that has been learned is that Eirithium Drioxide is somehow involved in the process. Through behind the door trades and deals, the Marr'aheb have managed to secure themselves a place at the Galactic Senate forever. Today, massive Gatships serve as the doorways to the galaxy, owned by different the Galactic Core Senate and therefore free for all to use, these ships serve as the focal point of the Marr'aheb power and there sheer size attests to their power over the Senate and the rest of the galaxy.

The Shin Dour
The Shin Dour are a religious sect devoted to keeping humanity in touch with their spiritual side. They denounce all things technological and are adept at great mental feats, some have been witnessed using their mental fortitude to cause objects to move without touching them. A few are said to be oracles, able to foretell the future with much detail.

The Shadow Warriors of the Bejinkan Budo

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